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Hi there! This section tells a history of the site and its founders.
About Sci-Fi Avatars
Sci-Fi Avatars began as Star Trek Avatars in 2000 by the friends Artemis and FruitLoop. It was born out of a desire to supply Star Trek RPGs with the needed avatars for games that used the Simm Management System, the precursor to Nova from Anodyne Productions.

Eventually, the site began to grow to incorporate four sizes: 100x100, 150x150, and 180x180 for forums and the standard 200x300 for SMS. With the birth of Nova from Anodyne, the avatars began to get larger, some as large as 800x600.

Soon, FruitLoop enlisted the help of Kuro-Chan from Kuro-RPG to assist with the creation of a new site for STA, one that included all colors of all style of uniforms, the project completed in 2010.

In 2012, FruitLoop and Wayne met, and agreed to create avatars for all genres of Science Fiction RPGs. After some help by Kuro-Chan, Sci-Fi Avatars was born and will stay for a long time to come.
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